Swissquote To Become Owner of Internaxx Bank

Swissquote, the leading Swiss online banking and brokerage firm, has unveiled that it has acquired Luxembourg-based online bank and investment company Internaxx Bank for €27.7 million.

Operating as a fully licensed online international bank since 2001, Internaxx has approximately 12,000 clients.

Unilateral access to the European market

The deal, which still requires regulatory approval, is meant to secure Swissquote an access to European Union markets that its London hub faces losing after Brexit.

“Unrestricted access to the European markets is very important to Swissquote, especially as Brexit draws closer. By acquiring Internaxx, we aim to further consolidate our standing as first choice for international clients (expats) thanks to our specialized services,” said Marc Bürki, CEO of Swissquote Group.

Mr. Bürki added that they need to have strategic options and that Luxembourg is a very good place for these.

“Swissquote has the resources, scale and platforms to accelerate our ambition to provide clients with the broadest range of market-leading products and services. As we integrate the Swissquote family, we will help more expats and international investors to achieve their financial objectives,” said Dave Sparvell, CEO of Internaxx Bank.

Swissquote has chosen Luxembourg to gain access to EU markets because of many reasons – the country is considered to be a tax haven, it’s one of the richest countries in the world, it has a healthy budgetary position etc. Luxembourg is also located in between France and Germany – the first and third largest economies in Europe.

About Swissquote

Established in 1996, Swissquote is a reliable, global multi-asset broker and bank offering traders access to over 2 million products. In 2017, it became the first bank in the world to add trading of underlying cryptocurrencies (non-CFD) starting with Bitcoin. To fulfill the needs of their diverse client base, Swissquote Bank has provided its clients with 3 main trading platforms – the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Advanced Trader.

Speculation In The Spot Market

Speculation consists of opening positions in the market to make gains from changes in the price of the assets with which it is being traded. In the case of the Forex, the speculator buys a certain currency (long position) if it considers that the price of this will rise with respect to another and sells a currency (short position) if you believe that the price of this is going to decrease with respect To another (you have to remember that currencies are traded in pairs). Apart from the spot market for foreign exchange, the Options and Futures market also gives investors good opportunities to make profits through speculation.

Currently, speculation is the main activity of most agents engaged in currency trading. For the most part, speculative transactions are carried out by agents of bank and non-bank currencies, as a secondary activity to generate profits.

According to economic theory, speculation in the markets often plays a positive role in the economy. This is due to the fact that speculation increases liquidity, allows redistribution of risk and allows a smoother adjustment of prices with respect to the exchange rate circumstances that occur in the market. This is not the case of arbitration which, on the contrary, contributes to the equalization of the prices of the assets traded in the markets.

In the constant search for greater profit, speculators buy and sell in the market frequently and in large quantities, which often creates more liquid conditions. When markets have liquidity, prices tend to be more representative and change steadily to gradually adjust to the new prevailing circumstances.

An investor wishing to profit by speculating on the spot market must obtain at least one of the following conditions:

Have information that is not available to other investors in general.

Analyze existing information more efficiently than the average investor in the market.

Act on the basis of existing information faster than others.

To achieve this, the same investor must ensure the means that allow him to have the following requirements that every successful operator in the market must have:

Have timely access to any new information that directly affects market behavior.

Have the lowest transaction costs possible, for which it is important to look for the broker that offers the best operating conditions.

Having the means to tolerate the risk of loss, which is always present in every operation in the market. Many factors affect the market in one way or another, making it very difficult to predict most of the time. That is why the risk of loss is inherent in the market.

With respect to the strategies followed by investors who speculate in the market, there are many types. Many investors carry out transactions that last a few minutes or less while others open holding positions for days, weeks and even months. Speculators close their position when they believe that the gain will not increase further or when they consider that their level of losses can grow even more. Speculation in the markets requires the involvement of own funds, so it is not a suitable activity for anyone. It requires a very special type of investor who can calmly and safely deal with both losses and profits that can be produced very easily and in large quantities in markets such as the Forex.

Introduction To The Stock Market

A market is a private organisation that provides the necessary tools for its members, following the mandates of its customers, enter orders and conduct negotiations buying and selling facilities securities, such as shares in companies or joint stock companies, government bonds and Private bonds, certificates, equity securities and a wide variety of investment instruments. After the Forex, globally, the stock market is the largest.

The trading of securities in the securities markets is done on the basis of known and fixed prices in real time, in a safe environment for investor activity, where the transaction mechanism is totally regulated, which guarantees the Legality and security.

Participants in the operation of the stock exchanges are at the basic level, capital claimants (companies, public or private bodies and other entities, capital offerers (savers, investors) and intermediaries (brokers, ECN, etc).

The trading of securities on the stock exchanges takes place through stock exchange members, usually known as brokers, securities brokerage firms, brokerage houses, agents or brokers, according to the denomination they receive in the laws Of each country, who do their work in exchange for a commission. In many markets, other entities and individuals also have partial access to the stock market, as it is called the set of activities of primary and secondary market of transaction and placement of emissions of securities of variable income and fixed income.

In order to be able to list their securities on the stock exchange, companies must first make public their financial statements, since through them they can determine the indicators that allow them to know the financial situation of companies. Stock exchanges are regulated, supervised and controlled by national states, although the vast majority of them were founded prior to the creation of official supervisory bodies.

Characteristics of the stock market

  • Profitability: whenever you invest in the stock market you want to obtain a yield and this can be obtained in two ways: the first is with the collection of dividends and the second with the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of the securities, That is, the gain or loss obtained.
  • Security: the stock market, as we know, is an equity market, that is, values ​​are changing in value both up and down and all this carries a risk. This risk could be made less if we maintain our securities over time, the probability that it will be a profitable and secure investment will be greater. On the other hand diversification is desirable; This means that it is advisable not to acquire all the titles of the same company but of several.
  • Liquidity: ease that offers this type of investments to buy and sell quickly.

Market participants

  • Companies and states: companies, public or private bodies and other similar entities.
  • Intermediaries: brokerage firms, brokerage and stockbroking companies, securities companies and securities and stock brokers.


  • Short term investors: they risk a lot looking for high returns, they are called day traders and scalpers. They carry out transactions of short duration, even of minutes.
  • Long-term investors: seek profitability through dividends, capital increases and others. Their investments are long term, so they generally do not take into account the daily rises and falls that the market makes.
  • Investors with risk aversion: invest preferably in fixed income securities (Treasury bills for example).

Stock markets perform the following functions

  • They channel savings towards investment, thereby contributing to the process of economic development.
  • They bring in contact the companies and entities of the State in need of investment resources with the ahorristas.
  • They confer liquidity on investment, so that bondholders can easily convert their stock or other securities into money.
  • They certify market prices.
  • They favour an efficient allocation of resources.
  • They contribute to the valuation of financial assets.

On the other hand, the stock markets are subject to the risks of economic cycles and suffer the effects of psychological phenomena that can raise or reduce the prices of stocks and shares, being considered a barometer of economic and social events.

Diamonds Totally Safe Investment

This article we will guide you how to choose and buy diamonds and at the same time, we will examine the benefits involving the purchase of a diamond as an investment.

Which gains you have to invest in diamonds?

Note that when we refer to possession of a diamond as a form of investment, does not mean you’ll have instant profit but you will diversify part of its capital in a safe asset.

According to SMITH & BARROW, a diamond is considered a safe asset for the following reasons.

Portability and tax-free. Diamonds can condense a great deal of wealth in a small item that can easily be transported from one place to another. Investors can enjoy not having to pay tax on capital gains or possession of tax when they have diamonds. Therefore, investing in diamonds has become a wealth accumulation channel and is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Security during the recession and falls institutions in times of inflation, when there is increase in prices of other goods, the diamond along with other intrinsic goods, such as gold and oil, are even more valued. Therefore, making the diamond a shield against inflation. While stocks and bonds are subject to political risk, liquidity risk and market fluctuations, diamonds are not directly linked to the stock and bond markets.

Diamond prices increase during the period of inflation and maintains its value during deflation period.

Universal Prices: unlike the cost of other goods, where prices vary according to the markets, diamonds are indirectly controlled by a report on universal prices, establishing the weekly average market prices for each type of diamond. As a result, diamond prices are usually standardized on all continents and value of diamonds are unified across the globe. Investors do not have to suffer geographic price difference when liquidate its diamonds.

Owners diamonds are anonymous – no records of who owns the diamond.

Diamonds have no life and are maintenance free.

Testament to an inheritance: the diamonds can be easily transmitted from one generation to the next.

Universal currency and method of payment: Although diamonds are not used as payment in commercial transactions, its value is not rebuttable globally. Owners diamonds can settle your office in any country, provided there is a jeweler during the trip.

How to buy a diamond?

Before buying a diamond gemologist to ask questions about the quality and certification of the stones. It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Quality of the stones.
  • Fair market price.
  • Wide range of parts offered so you can make comparisons.
  • High customer service standard post-sales.
  • Proper certification for your diamond.
  • Prefer international certificates of gemologists associated with Gemological institutes, such as the HRD Antwerp of Belgium, the GIA Gemological Institute of America Society of the United States and / or Gemological Institute IGI Italian.


Some Vital Tips For Forex Trading

Forex trading is proposed for people who are fascinated by the operations of trading forex rather than people who concentrate on profiting. Feelings have a larger part in influencing the outcomes. A person why should fretful acquire benefit to settle his or her costs and pay off his/her advance will probably exchange the nonappearance of insisted signs. You may consider being a full time dealer after you have all the essential abilities. When you are basically starting, it is vital to have a substitute arrangement to take care of your costs. The most basic tips in forex trading are:

Exchange signals rather than the trades

On the off chance that you have had some compelling exchanges or exchanges and in this while you have built up some capital, it gets alluring to search for more forex trading risks. Be that as it may, you may end up taking the wrong signs. This is inclined to present to you lost what you had earned from extraordinary exchanges – At the point when dealing with a lone exchange it is basic to disregard past ones, paying little respect to those business being losses or gains this will empower you to focus on the most fundamental signs to settle on a decent choice. Besides, avoid going out on a limb more than would normally be appropriate as you have more money and have been productive over the short past.

Being over-confident

Being pompous can have a bigger number of genuine repercussions than not having certainty. When you need certainty, you end up doing nothing. On the other hand, when you are so sure of your exercises without having awesome signs can cost you impressive cash. Making a couple of not too bad trades is not a sign that you are a specialist merchant. Additionally, making a couple of repulsive exchanges does not mean you are a dreadful forex broker. It is vital to assess your certainty levels to maintain a strategic distance from awful choices and disappointment. Therefore, you need to analyze the business showcase fundamentally to settle on the right decisions.

Abstain from rivaling different brokers

Diverse dealers use distinctive trading approaches and styles. This clears up why the outcomes are every now and again distinctive. A segment of these merchants may be anxious to take a 3% hazard for a 6% to 11% month to month benefit, while then there would be different brokers who may be prepared to take more than 25% hazard and expect to twofold their objectives consistently. It habitually requires impressive time and exertion for dealers to figure out their exceptional style of forex trading. There for the most part have distinctive principles and systems, and there are some scheming ones who are out there just to get their hands on individuals’ well deserved cash – Before you pick a specialist, you have to complete a point by point foundation research on them and figure out whether they are dependable.