CryptoKaiju Rolls Out Crypto-Themed Vinyl Toys

CryptoKaiju cryptocurrency-themed toys

CryptoKaiju, a U.K. blockchain startup, has announced the launch of world’s first vinyl toys fully traceable on a public blockchain, along with a subscription box office.

For each purchased toy, the buyer will get a unique token that sits within a smart contract. Each toy contains unique metadata describing it – color, gender, date of birth, a description and two personality traits.

130 Genesis figures

The first figure, designed to illustrate a monster with a Bitcoin theme, is called Genesis and currently costs $55. The first batch will be limited to 130 pieces, and will not be repeated again.

“As a longtime collector of designer toys such as Kaws, Futura Pointmen and Medicom Bearbricks, I’ve previously had issues with not having full confidence that what I was buying was genuine, as well as issues with knowing exactly how many items have been produced in each batch. The concept of bringing not just provenance, but also a personality, through a set of attributes to a physical toy is extemely intriguing. That’s really where the idea for Kaiju came from and we’re excited to explore the full potential of this technology,” said Oliver Carding, co-founder of Crypto Kaiju.

Every toy comes with a tamper resistant NFC chip built into the foot, which will allow smartphones to communicate with other devices containing such NFC tag.

About CryptoKaiju

Founded by Coin Journal’s Oliver Carding along with James Morgan, David Moore and Andy Gray, three founders of Known Origin.

“When I met the guys from KnownOrigin I was introduced to the world of ERC-721 art which led me to the idea of creating a physical collectible which has come with a lot of challenges, from exactly how we link the toy to the smart contract, to how we ensure the tag can’t be removed and attached to another item,” said Oliver Carding.

Once the stock is exhausted, the company will create a new set of vinyl toys that will vary in color, style and digital traits.