Top 5 Most Traded Currencies

Foreign exchange market is the biggest and most liquid market that exists at the moment. Forex market connects thousands of banks, companies, governments, and traders into a single group, enabling them to conduct their business on an international level.

Like any other market, forex deals with exchanging goods – in this case these goods are currencies. In this article we bring you top 5 most tradable currencies, and thus most popular.

US dollar

Also known as greenback, the US dollar is the home denomination of the world’s biggest economy – the United States. US dollar is the most traded currency on the planet, as it acts as the unofficial global reserve currency, held my almost every central bank. It is especially interesting that US dollar is used by some countries as an offical currency (as a replacement to local currency), a practice called dollarization.
Three main groups of factors that influence the US dollar are: supply and demand, sentiment and market psychology and technical factors.


Euro is the world’s second most traded currency, and is used by approximately 338 million people every day. The euro was introduced on January 1, 1999 as a virtual currency for cashless payments and accounting purposes. Banknotes and coints were launched three years later, on January 1, 2002. The European Central Bank is in charge of monetarz issues within the EU.

Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen is the third most commonly traded currency in the world.  The central bank that stands behind Japanese yen is the Bank of Japan.
The Japanese yen is considered a safe haven currency, mainly due to Japan’s advanced economy with a well-educated workforce.

British pound

The British pound, also known as sterling, is the fourth most traded currency in the forex market. The UK did not accept euro as its official currency, it kept the pound for a variety of reasons, such as historic pride and maintaining control of domestic interest rates.
Due to its high value in comparison with its peers, the pound is also a significant currency benchmark for many nations and acts as a very liquid component in the forex market.

Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and it is also used in Liechtenstein.
The Swiss franc is also considered a safe haven currency, due to the stability of the Swiss government  and its financial system. The country’s independence from the EU makes it immune to any negative political and economic events that may occur in the region.

Some Vital Tips For Forex Trading

Forex trading is proposed for people who are fascinated by the operations of trading forex rather than people who concentrate on profiting. Feelings have a larger part in influencing the outcomes. A person why should fretful acquire benefit to settle his or her costs and pay off his/her advance will probably exchange the nonappearance of insisted signs. You may consider being a full time dealer after you have all the essential abilities. When you are basically starting, it is vital to have a substitute arrangement to take care of your costs. The most basic tips in forex trading are:

Exchange signals rather than the trades

On the off chance that you have had some compelling exchanges or exchanges and in this while you have built up some capital, it gets alluring to search for more forex trading risks. Be that as it may, you may end up taking the wrong signs. This is inclined to present to you lost what you had earned from extraordinary exchanges – At the point when dealing with a lone exchange it is basic to disregard past ones, paying little respect to those business being losses or gains this will empower you to focus on the most fundamental signs to settle on a decent choice. Besides, avoid going out on a limb more than would normally be appropriate as you have more money and have been productive over the short past.

Being over-confident

Being pompous can have a bigger number of genuine repercussions than not having certainty. When you need certainty, you end up doing nothing. On the other hand, when you are so sure of your exercises without having awesome signs can cost you impressive cash. Making a couple of not too bad trades is not a sign that you are a specialist merchant. Additionally, making a couple of repulsive exchanges does not mean you are a dreadful forex broker. It is vital to assess your certainty levels to maintain a strategic distance from awful choices and disappointment. Therefore, you need to analyze the business showcase fundamentally to settle on the right decisions.

Abstain from rivaling different brokers

Diverse dealers use distinctive trading approaches and styles. This clears up why the outcomes are every now and again distinctive. A segment of these merchants may be anxious to take a 3% hazard for a 6% to 11% month to month benefit, while then there would be different brokers who may be prepared to take more than 25% hazard and expect to twofold their objectives consistently. It habitually requires impressive time and exertion for dealers to figure out their exceptional style of forex trading. There for the most part have distinctive principles and systems, and there are some scheming ones who are out there just to get their hands on individuals’ well deserved cash – Before you pick a specialist, you have to complete a point by point foundation research on them and figure out whether they are dependable.